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In Person Kinesiology Sessions

Transformative, Life Empowering Sessions

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 185 Australian dollars
  • Bunbury

Service Description

Holistic, transformative, life empowering kinesiology sessions which focus on you in your entirety regarding body, mind and spirit as fundamentally connected. Kinesiology is a system of natural healthcare which holistically works on the broad human condition. Some of the things Kinesiology helps treat are: stress/anxiety, trauma, nutritional and hormonal imbalances, physical pain, learning difficulties & memory, relationships, goal setting, life empowerment and much more. The goal of each nourishing and deeply relaxing session is to clear stress and imbalances, reconnecting and empowering you to access your body's own innate healing wisdom to bring meaningful, long-lasting change. Kinesiology combines Western physiological techniques and Eastern wisdom philosophies to promote healing using muscle monitoring to access where there's any stress or blocks in your system and what therapeutic tools are needed to bring you back into a harmonious state of healthy, blissful balance. During these 90 minute deep dive sessions I will use a variety of techniques to restore balance to all systems. These techniques could include: balancing the meridians and chakras, acupressure, sound healing, flower essences, reiki, neurolymphatic massage, NLP, ESD holding points, just to name a few. Packages available: 7 Golden Keys Chakra Balancing Series Dream Actualiser Series FOUR for Five Package Please book a free call if you would like to find out more.

Contact Details

+61 449 290 250

Bunbury WA, Australia

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